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Commercial Ac Replacement

There’s some rattling.


Maybe a little clanging.


The temperature is a little uneven in the house with the living room feeling warmer than the den.


You mess with the thermostat but you don’t think your home is getting as cool as the flashing number states. 


Face it: Your AC is old. It was part of the house you bought 10 years ago and now it rattles and runs harder than it should have to to cool your OKC area home. 


But thanks to Direct Air, an AC in need of replacement doesn’t have to be a logistical or financial struggle. With our 24/7 emergency services, you can rest assured that if your AC is in need of replacement, we’ll see to it that it’s taken care of quickly. We offer financing for an HVAC replacement and we’ll help you select a model that is best for your home’s size and use.


AC Replacement You Can Count On

Any good technician will tell you that installation day is the most important day in the life of a central air conditioning system. There are mistakes that can be made by a non-professional or poorly skilled technician that can affect the longevity of your unit. At Direct Air our technicians know the difference between a unit that was installed by a weekend handyman and units installed by reputable technicians who work for good HVAC companies like ours.


We value our reputation and we value your opinion of our service. For those reasons and dozens more, installing an AC properly and efficiently is something we take great pride in. Your Direct Air-installed AC will bring you even temperatures, cooler, cleaner air and a high rate of efficiency so you aren’t paying out the nose to keep the family healthy and comfortable.


If you’ve noticed your system is on its last legs, give Direct Air a call today at 405-778-2896 or request an appointment We’d love to walk you through your modern AC options — each will lower your carbon footprint while keeping the family in chill mode for many summers to come.


Proudly Servicing Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman & Surrounding Areas.

We live, work and play where you do, and we’re committed to keeping the homes in your community a great place to live. Give us a call at 405-778-2896 to schedule service or an estimate.

Kristin Edgerton
Kristin Edgerton
11:54 16 Jun 21
I had a slow leak and the technician was perfessional and very thorough. I really appreciate it. Thanks again!
May Long
May Long
18:03 15 Jun 21
Josh is professional, honest, knowledgeable! He fixed the problem in a very short time after 3 failed service calls from a different company. Highly recommended!
Austin Towne
Austin Towne
18:16 12 Jun 21
These guys were great! Showed up the very same morning I called to fill my system with refrigerant. I was charged a fair price and were upfront about it explaining everything. They told me that because of the cooler temps they would need to come back and check the refrigerant. Now that the temps are warmer I called them (system seemed to be working fine but they told me to call them) and they were back out again within 2 hours of me calling. They checked the pressures and corrected them and didn’t charge me anything for the follow up. Very happy and satisfied with them. I highly recommend them for anything you need!!
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