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DIY Furnace Repair and Maintenance Tips

DIY Furnace Repair and Maintenance Tips


HVAC is a necessity in many homes and apartments that have been marked to be in areas that require control of the air. If your furnace stops working, you don’t rush to call for a repair expert; you need to figure out the problem and determine if it requires your attention or that of a professional. You save a lot when you spare the call and repair the furnace by yourself. You should be able to repair the furnace or identify the cause of the damage. There are various furnace repair tips that you can do at home without calling for assistance.


Diy Furnace Repair And Maintenance Tips


Regular Maintenance

The blower of the furnace requires regular maintenance to keep it functional. Use a toothbrush to clean between the furnace blades. The furnace needs to be wiped off dirt by a vacuum cleaner. Check the oil ports and regularly apply oil to erase all dirt. Lubricating the furnace once per year helps to keep it functional. The oil should be non-detergent so as not to affect the functionality. You may contact a repair expert if you suspect that the problem is beyond your knowledge. As the HVAC expert works on your furnace repair, you learn different hacks to apply when you encounter the problem again.

Solve any Gas Leaks

If you smell gas near the furnace and you suspect that it has a leak, do not switch on any switches or light matches to prevent gas explosion. Leaving the doors open helps when you feel that the leakage is much and affecting individuals in the house. You can check on the gas valve and ensure you turn it off by rotating it to the quarter turn. You can proceed to call for help in case you feel it is not safe to be in the house.

Relight a Pilot Light

If the thermocouple is loose, you can relight it in a simple way or get assistance on how to relight using the pilot light. Turn the furnace gas valve on after you have cleared the air to keep the flame lit. If you find that the thermocouple needs to be replaced or adjusted, you should call for an expert to help make it run perfectly again. A thin wire can be used to clear the clogged orifice. This is done when the gas to the furnace is switched off together with the switch.

Electric Ignition

This is done by switching off power off and on so as to reset the ignition controls. It produces a spark sound and a glowing hot surface ignitor. If the furnace fails to light up, call for professional assistance to have it repaired. You should check the oil supply through the furnace to identify any damage.

The above DIY tips help in saving money and enhances the faster heating of the furnace. Next time if you think of calling for assistance from a professional, try out the tips and you will be surprised how many problems you prevent from happening. The furnace runs perfectly when it has been properly maintained.


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