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It’s time to get your ducts in a row. First, did you know that all of the air that comes out of your HVAC system travels through the lungs of your home, also known as the ductwork? 


Except in some homes which may be ductless and require a different sort of heating and cooling methods, such as the heat pump, ductwork is laid before the final walls are constructed for a home. This system carries air to and from  your HVAC, bringing good air to you and bad air out.

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Will cleaning my air ducts cut down on dust in my home?

Cleaning air ducts can reduce dust accumulation in your home to some extent. Over time, dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate in ductwork, circulating through your home's ventilation system. Regular cleaning helps remove these particles, leading to cleaner indoor air and potentially reducing dust buildup on surfaces. However, other factors like outdoor pollution, pet dander, and human activities can still contribute to dust levels. Effective filtration systems and regular cleaning routines complement air duct maintenance for improved indoor air quality.

How long will it take to clean my air ducts?

On average, air duct cleaning for a standard-sized home can take between 2 to 4 hours. However, larger homes or those with extensive ductwork may require more time. Additionally, factors like accessibility and the presence of debris or mold can affect the duration of the cleaning process.

If It Looks Like a Duct...

Like so many of the home conveniences we appreciate, ducts have to be tended to by a professional on a regular basis or you risk unhealthy air at home.

If you don’t regularly clean your ducts you risk:

  • Increased dust and dirt in your home’s air and on your home’s surfaces.
  • Possible mold spores that have grown inside the ducts and can be removed with a good cleaning.
  • Increased particulate matter (in short, things you do not want to breathe) coming in with the conditioned air.

Often ducts can get damaged, in which case the best possible remedy is to replace those ducts with new ones. Ducts are made of a very delicate material and can easily get bent or ripped. Anything inhibiting your ducts' performance causes your HVAC system to waste energy and money. In fact, damaged ductwork can lead to a loss of nearly 30% of your conditioned air!


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