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Direct Air Installs Heating Systems in Moore, OKC, and Surrounding Areas

Unlike some of our more historic housing in OKC, a heating system wasn’t meant to last 100 years. You’re lucky if you’ve gotten more than 15 years out of your current system but please don’t push your luck any further. If your system is more than 15 years old or you do not know the age of your system, please call us or contact us today.

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How long does a furnace or heating system typically last before needing replacement?

When properly maintained, a furnace or heating system may operate for 15-20 years. Its lifespan can be extended with regular servicing. Longevity is influenced by factors such as usage habits, system efficiency, and geographical climate. Signs of deterioration, higher energy bills, and frequent maintenance may suggest that replacement is necessary. Professional examination and consulting can assist in determining the best time to replace your heating system based on its condition.

What are the benefits of replacing my furnace?

Replacing your furnace offers benefits such as improved energy efficiency, leading to lower utility bills. Newer models often come with advanced features and smart technology, enhancing control and comfort. Enhanced safety features contribute to a healthier living environment. Reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact are additional advantages. With a new furnace, you can also avoid frequent repairs associated with older units. Moreover, upgrading provides the opportunity to choose a system that better matches your heating needs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Some Signs Your Unit May Need to Be Replaced

So what are some other ways you might tell that you’re looking at a heating system replacement?

  • First ask yourself, are my utility bills the same this year as last? A steady increase in fuel bills will indicate that you are at least in need of repair. If yours is an older unit, we might recommend a full replacement which would save you annually on heat for your home.
  • Next, has the humidity rate changed in your home? If you’ve noticed that things take longer to dry, furniture feels damp or there’s a lot of sticky humidity in the air, that’s a good sign that your system needs to be replaced.
  • Is your system making a lot of banging, clanging or groaning noises? If your furnace or heat pump is making horrible noises, it may be in its death throes. Consider putting it out of its misery by upgrading to a new unit.
  • If there’s visible damage to the system, there’s a good chance we’ll tell you the system needs to be replaced. The same is true if you are paying for frequent repairs, especially if those repairs are related to the age of the system.

Why Can’t Just Anyone Install a Heating System?

Truth be told, anyone can install a heating system, but they shouldn’t. A poorly installed system or one done DIY will end up costing you significantly through higher utility costs and more frequent repairs, and it will probably never effectively heat your space. 

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